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IT Solutions

OS Machine Clinic

Prevent disruptions and data loss by machine failures. Ensure business continuity by safeguarding against accidents

Data Integrity Test & Lab Solution

Check data is accurate, consistent and safe throughout its life in a system. Disaster recovery solution is also provided

Cloud Network Solution

Manage and maintain your business network with cloud - based technologies and services

Hardware Clinic

Upgrade, Repair or Replace your existing machines via authorized distributors

Staff Augmentation

Access to external professionals with specialized skills and expertise, to complete projects more efficiently

Voip Services

Make calls over the internet, with greater flexibility and scalability compared to traditional phone systems

Digital Adoption

Web Solution

Create a simple-classic functional website that meets your business needs while staying within your budget.

Simple Automation

Automate your business and boost your productivity. Focus on your sales and customer satisfaction.


Optimizing your website's content and structure, to drive organic traffic and increase your sales and revenue.

Google Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to increase sales and revenue.

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